About Us

Established in 2012, Tahira Group aims to bring entrepreneurs together to strengthen and connect Asia’s diverse economy with social and economic strategies that cater to the unique Asian Market, particularly China and Southeast Asia nations.

To date we are widely recognised as a platform for creative, driven and innovative businesses across all sectors – from manufacturing, education, finance, logistics, technology and social.

Tahira Group aims to build a strong presence in targeted Asian countries sharing and integrating their companies to meet industry best practices.

We are proud to play our part in driving economic growth in the region by promoting, exchanging and aggregating natural resources, consumer products, energy and new technology as well as banking and finance solutions.

It’s all about integrity, innovation, collaboration, and bringing people together.


To pioneer a one-stop technology-enabled supply hub as a gateway to international markets serving a concentration of multi-faceted businesses.


 To build an environment of integrity, innovation, and collaboration concentrating on multi-faceted businesses to excel, thrive, and grow bilateral trade with international markets through our supply hub.


Embracing integrity, innovation and collaboration as essential practices

We embrace integrity, innovation, and collaboration as essential practices in cultivating a community that meets today’s high business standards. We go beyond profits to ensure the success of our community of business partners.

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Corporate Structure

We are a team of diverse and leading professionals across various business and industries.

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Management Chart

Our management is structured efficiently to ensure the continuous growth of Tahira Group.

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Our People

Meet our leaders who are equipped with strong experiences, leadership and skills to lead the company.

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