Our comprehensive services and strategies are consolidated with profound practical industry experiences in various sectors to assist clients and partners alike, in addressing challenges and responding to opportunities in the best way possible.

Last Mile Delivery

We provide industry-leading last-mile delivery solutions Asia-wide. Our services include precise delivery tracking, express custom clearance and airtight security measures in compliance with the international air traffic association standards. We take great priority in ensuring the goods are delivered in good condition and on a timely basis. We also provide flexibility arrangement options- whether it’s same day or next-day delivery options to the convenience of our clients.

Cargo Management

Our in-depth experience and information allows us to offer our expertise to our clients. We always share critical information, regardless of the inventory type or distribution model. We proceed to carefully develop the ecosystem to include all the stakeholders and ensure a smooth delivery with end-to-end precision.

Cargo Charter Service

Our service covers the entire Asian continent, providing our clients with consolidated and integrated import and export service with end-to-end supply chain management. With 25,000 cargo freighted charter hours in Asia, we provide convenient services to customers’ doorstep on a win-win formulation based on shared space within consolidators, integrators, and shippers.

Sea Freight

We provide container shipping with an in-depth understanding of individual overseas markets and the dynamics of specific trades. Our expertise allows us to provide market-specific and local advice on factors that affect the transit of our clients’ cargo. We have exported and imported various materials such as scrap metal, recycled plastic, silica sand, nitrile gloves to our global clientele.


Our centralised warehouse is the comprehensive solution to the rapid growth in the logistic industry. Our innovative warehouse services offer a wide range of facilities such as a public-bonded warehouse, aquatic seafood centre, and packaging centre facilities in collaboration with the Malaysian government, the custom department and other related sectors.

Passenger Charter Services

We offer comprehensive and customizable charter passenger services thanks to our cordial collaboration with national carriers and aircraft lessors within Asia. Our flexibility caters to even the tightest of schedules, ensuring clients from point A to B with aviation precision. Our flights cover Asian countries as well as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Fresh Fruit Export

We are proud to collaborate with multiple farm producers for the export of tropical fruits to Indonesia and China. This is made possible thanks to our principal partners, Global Cargo (Far East) Limited and Shanghai CHN-CTD Logistics Co.Ltd with supporting authorities from The People’s Government of Henan Province.

Halal Travel

Being South-East Asia leading halal travel portal, we offer a wide selection of Muslim-friendly tour destinations. Our pre-packaged tours are affordable yet luxurious, providing one-of-a-kind vacations and destination events with breathtaking experiences. We are proud to be partners with Kanomas Tour & Travel, China Travel Services, and Kawan International Travel.

Academic Qualification

We are an associate training center of University College Yayasan Pahang Malaysia (UCYP) and University Malaya Pahang (UMP) to provide Recognition of Prior Learning (RPEL) by assessing individuals’ knowledge that has come from experience or previous formal and informal training and providing them with a recognized professional diploma, degree, masters, and doctorate.

Skill Training

We are a Human Resource Development Corp Malaysia (HRDCorp) certified training center that provides in-house training programs which develop people into a skilled workforce while equipping participants with all the necessary skills and knowledge that meets the organization’s requirements.

Digital Marketing

We create innovative advertisements by studying clients’ products and understanding their needs. We analyze the market and precisely plan and place the advertisements on the most suitable demographic social media platform to effectively reach out to potential customers. We engage and convert them into sales for our clients.

Social Learning

We offer a unique approach to educating learners through gamification learning while equipping students with relevant skills, no matter the changes in technology and the job market. With the help of gamification learning, students can learn independently via a mobile application which allows them to have fun and gain 21st-century core knowledge and skills effectively at the same time.


Tahira Energy’s strategy and business plan are built for long-term involvement in the energy industry. From an established and tangible position in the supply chain, the company plans to participate in the upstream business, facilitating a strategic positioning in the evolving downstream supply chain and industries. We focus on servicing needs from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

Green Area Technology Pipeline

In collaboration with Primus Line, an internationally accredited pipe manufacturer, we offer and distribute innovative and leakproof trenchless technological-based piping in Malaysia and ASEAN as the solution to pipe rehabilitation in the water and wastewater industry and to overcome the non-revenue water. We bring a cleaner, greener, and safer piping solution by providing the best installation practices and services.