Energy & Technology

Tahira Energy and Technology has a foot in two worlds; as we rush to meet the demands of the future while fulfilling the requirements of the past. We see opportunity in the intersection of these two worlds.

The boundaries between energy and technology are blurring as energy sectors are becoming more technologically advanced, leaving its roots behind as countries transition to fulfill the emission reduction commitments of the 2050 Paris Agreement. At the same time various fields of technology are expanding and combining. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Global Positioning Services (GPS) are playing a transformative role in the energy sector, and many other industries.

At Tahira Energy & Technology, we are a part of this transformation in providing solutions, investing in advanced technologies and companies, and opening pioneering markets.

In the energy sector, our activities are concentrated in adapting supply chains to meet changing customer demands affected by geopolitical developments and the long term implications of shifting energy policies. At the same time, implementing technology solutions that deliver efficiencies, effectiveness and new revenue streams.

In the technology space, we are delivering transformative solutions to a broad range of industries with focus on energy, communications, agriculture, logistics and smart cities. Our aim is to merge Energy and Technology to form economic accelerators for the businesses and markets we are engaged in.